Saurabh Yadav is a product designer, working remotely from India - for the ๐ŸŒŽ

He's designing scalable products & design systems like he did for Triad, Genie, Axis Bank, and OncoloMed while fumbling during meetings.
His case studies are a deep dive into his ๐Ÿง  process, showing his -

design systems skills, Increasing adoption of Axis Bankโ€™s design system
attention to detail, Introducing a new step in Primer checkout experience
accessibility mindset, Designing an accessible podcast experience with Google Podcasts
and some slick prototyping. Improving navigation of an AR prototyping tool

On weekends, he's curating - an introductory resource to design systems. The name fits, right?
If you want to propel-your-product-miles-ahead-of-your-competition or just wanna say hi, then shoot him an email ๐Ÿš€.

You can also reach out via Twitter or schedule a quick call with him.

(who totally wasn't paid to write all this)