Hello, I'm Saurabh Yadav
Product designer at HelloTriad
Young Jury at Awwwards
Prev. at FreeCharge - Axis Bank, ProCreator, Antialias

- Me in Keywords -
Minimalist • Basketball • Cats • Books • Efficiency • Systems • Type • Figma
I'm a simple designer, I hunt for clarity. I hunt for other things too, like basketball moves, productivity hacks, my glasses, but it's usually the former. I get cosy working on design systems and mobile experiences. Earlier, I built Axis Bank's design system - Subzero. My work has been featured on YankoDesign, Bestfolios, UI8 and I'm grateful for that. I may have a pending patent and just so you know my resume isn't fancy at all.
- Case studies -
Building Axis Bank's design system
Forming reading habits
Wiarframe 3.0
Reimagining AR prototyping
- Side projects -
Hey Design Systems!
Curated repository for design systems
Dark Mode design system
Working with me should be exciting if you also seek clarity, fresh perspectives and memes. I tend to thrive in a outcome-based environment where we are free to creatively explore under well-defined constraints.
P.S. I think I'm real good at Figma.
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